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FAQ - Marathon des Grands Crus

  • Is it possible to stop in the vineyards?
    The wine estates crossed are private. It is therefore strictly forbidden to enter the grounds and the vineyards outside the roads or municipal paths.
  • Where can I come to support me?
    Strategic points: The Paths of the Park. The start/finish village will be the central point of the races. All the races will be broadcast live on two giant screens. It is therefore quite possible to follow the race and take full advantage of the many activities offered to the public in the start/finish village. Along the route, the villages: It is possible to go to the circuit in the different villages to encourage the competitors, some villages will even broadcast live. Given the traffic difficulties linked to the closing of the roads, the organization strongly advises to favor carpooling. The races will also be broadcast live on the Internet. View course.
  • How to locate the circuit?
    Warning, the Route des Grands Crus is quite a busy road. For your safety, we strongly advise you not to run or skate there the days before, to spot. The green route is much more appropriate (see next question). You can consult the presentation videos of the circuit on our Youtube channel to familiarize yourself with the route. On the other hand, we invite you to choose a hotel or a bed and breakfast in the area to make the place your own! More info here!
  • Have the harvests been good this year?
    Apparently we allow ourselves to think, in authorized circles, and according to the noises heard from the bottom of the cellars, that the 2022 vintage would be exceptional! To check for yourself...
  • The different running distances
    Several distances are available for running. All arrivals are at Allées du Parc in Dijon. For the 42km, the circuit being a round trip on the Route des Grands Crus, to complete the Marathon you will have to cover the entire route. The turn-around point is around the Château du Clos de Vougeot (at the 21st km), with electronic chip scoring. For the half-marathon, the start is located in Chambolle-Musigny. For the 10km, the start is located at the Château de Marsannay. In order to get to the start of the 10km and 21km, shuttles are provided. They will direct you to the starting areas. The shuttles depart from Place Wilson on Sunday morning (timetable for your shuttle to be chosen when registering).
  • How to use the running shuttles?
    The shuttles are free to access for competitors with a bib. The shuttles leave from Place Wilson: - between 8:30 a.m. and 8:55 a.m. for the 21 km - between 10 a.m. and 10:25 a.m. for the 10 km You can choose your shuttle slot when you register.
  • What are the maximum hours to respect?
    Depending on the road closure authorizations, each competitor agrees to respect the maximum hours of use of the course. See the running times (based on 6 hours of circuit)
  • How is the roller coating?
    The circuit is generally of very good quality and very fast. But over 42km on the road, the circuit cannot be perfectly smooth without any roughness. like on a track or on the Bugatti circuit at Le Mans. It will therefore be necessary to remain a little vigilant with the few manholes, speed bumps or certain narrowings which will be indicated on the way. Note a gratton passage over 300m just before entering the Route des Grands Crus in Chenôve, a few passages on slabs (rolling, 20 to 50m) in the villages of Gevrey-Chambertin, Couchey and Marsannay-la-Côte .
  • Is the skating circuit easy?
    The 21 or 42 km circuit is open to all and accessible to as many people as possible. It does not involve any technical difficulty. It is slightly hilly, with no dangerous descents (only a few false descending flats). The only constraint is to go the distance in the allotted time! Some passages are already legendary... The start and finish at Allées du Parc, the RD974, the climb of Chambolle, the climb of Gevrey-Chambertin, and of course the crossing of all the villages with world-famous appellations!
  • Are the races canceled if it rains?
    Races are not canceled in the event of rain. We (volunteers and participants) just need a little more courage! But goodwill and good humor will always be there!
  • Are 125mm allowed (roller)?
    According to the regulations in force, 125mm wheels are only authorized on the Marathon Roller. The 125mm are therefore prohibited in the half-marathon and youth races.
  • Is there a broom bus?
    The broom wagon (bus) marks the end of the events according to the travel times. Disqualified competitors are invited to get into the broom wagon to be dropped off at the start/finish village located at Allées du Parc in Dijon. A competitor who refuses to get into the broom wagon will be disqualified and will have to withdraw his bib. He is then no longer considered as a competitor, but as a spectator and placed under his own responsibility. ​ The sweeper car is only open to competitors with a bib. See the running times (based on a 6-hour circuit) See the skating timetables (based on 3 hours of circuit)
  • Where to prepare for the race (skating) the days before, in the region?
    A very good quality greenway, from Ouges to Pont-de-Pany (25km) will offer you the possibility of swallowing up the kilometers in complete safety. The part crossing Dijon being quite busy, we advise you to practice on the Plombières / Pont-de-Pany part on the round trip. More info here!
  • What is a Starter Kit?
    This is what is offered by the organization and our partner Decathlon Quetigny when you pick up your bib: - a gift for each participant - an energy bar - a sports gel - a sachet of exercise drink - and more to discover! Please note, it is advisable to collect your bib the day before the race and at the latest 1 hour before each race.
  • Where do I leave my things?
    Instructions will be available and open to all participants. A detachable label will be on your bib and will allow you to leave your bag at the locker. Maximum cabin baggage size. IN THE WALKWAYS OF THE PARK at the start and finish of the Marathon at Allées du Parc. IN VOUGEOT Instructions available at the start of the roller skating half-marathon. You will pick up your belongings directly on arrival at Allées du Parc in Dijon.
  • What will we find at the aid stations?
    Here is a non-exhaustive list of what makes up the supplies: - cereal bars (APTONIA) - sports gels (APTONIA) - fruit paste (APTONIA) - water - sponges (Running) - pieces of fruit, dried fruit - Burgundian specialties to discover (surprise!) - Burgundian specialties to be enjoyed in moderation (surprise, hic!) - atmosphere, music, good opportunities to stop if you're not in a hurry.
  • How many supplies are there?
    Refueling points are identified on the course. They are distributed in the villages crossed. You can see the detailed map here.
  • Will there be wine at the aid stations?
    Tastings are offered according to the different points of activity in the villages crossed. Open only to race participants. Tastings are strictly forbidden to minors. The organization reminds participants that alcohol abuse is dangerous for health and invites them to consume in moderation. The organization reserves the right to disqualify a participant who does not respect the security conditions and who has an inappropriate attitude to the spirit of the marathon.

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