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Cheaper Alternatives To Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack For iPhone 12

In this Buyer's Guide, we've covere amazing MagSafe-compatible battery packs that are perfect for your iPhone, offering huge battery capacity at a fraction of the price of MagSafe. It is easy to download it for your phone as use .

Read on to learn about the best Apple MagSafe battery pack alternatives from Anker, Oisle, Techsmarter, Vedika, iWalk, Blackrock, and Manducary.

1. Vedika Wireless Charger

Weighing just 75g and 8.5cm long, the Vedika features the best MagSafe battery for your iPhone 12. Its size and weight allow it to be carried anywhere. The days of having to worry about your phone running out of battery on the go are officially over!

Its strong N52 magnet is compatible with Apple MagSafe cases. So you can easily attach it directly to your phone or case. 5000mAh battery allows you to use your phone longer.

2. iWalk Magnetic Wireless Charger

As the name suggests, the iWalk MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone 12 is perfect for charging your phone while you're on a walk or run. The finger ring holder is specially designed to keep your iPhone securely in place while you carry it. The durable body and powerful 6000mAh battery will power your iPhone for hours. Mag-Suction technology makes charging super easy. Also, if you don't know the battery status, the LED indicator will let you know how much battery is left.

In addition, a temperature control chip controls the temperature. In this way, the battery performance is improved and a longer charge is possible.

3. Blackrock Portable Magnetic Charger

The Blackrock MagSafe compatible battery pack works not only with iPhones, but also with devices with wireless charging capabilities. Like other competitors on our list, it magnetically sticks to your phone for quick charging on the go. The battery capacity is 5,000mAh. Another advantage of this cheaper alternative to the

MagSafe battery pack is the extra magnetic ring. This feature makes it compatible with all types of wireless charging phones. Just pop the magnetic ring into the case and you're good to go.

It sticks to your smartphone with a strong magnet and won't fall off even if you use it while charging. Use a USB-C cable to charge other devices. The slim body fits perfectly in your pocket or wallet! With the help of the LED indicator, you can check the remaining battery status.

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